The most advanced diesel automation technology available.

CORE’s custom-built, fully automated fueling units are tailor-made to client needs and specifications. We design and bring the most advanced diesel automation technology to the market, including:

  • 26+ custom-built heavy-duty motorized hose reels with over 450 feet of capacity, dynamic flow rate modulation and predictive fuel consumption technology
  • 1,500-gallon clear fuel cell with gauge panels and reinforced seams
  • Bulk fuel storage (over 21,000-gallon capacity), including a patent pending piping system that prevents manual pull-off and fuel contamination issues
  • Proprietary fuel valves that avoid clogging and spills, enhance pump performance and eliminate Non-Productive Time (NPT)

If your fueling operation requires it, CORE can provide it.

We pride ourselves on being the premier one-stop fueling solution with a bundled diesel and CNG offering. We’ve helped clients with:

Automated Frac fueling

Drilling Rig fueling

Fleet fueling

On-site fueling services

Mobile fueling

Emergency fueling

Safer. Cleaner. More efficient.

CORE’s diesel automation services enable you to:

  • Remove workers from the hot zone, eliminate spills and lower risk exposure with our 24/7 Remote Monitoring Center
  • Minimize your onsite footprint
  • Optimize your daily operations and reduce fleet wear and tear by eliminating Non-Productive Time between jobs

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