Our trusted fueling partner

CORE entered a strategic partnership with Manticore Fuels to provide fuel for our products and solutions. Manticore Fuels has built a reputation on high-quality service and 24/7/365 availability to our customers. They specialize in servicing the energy sector by supplying dyed and clear diesel and natural gas to drilling rigs and hydraulic fracturing operations.

Why we partner with Manticore Fuels

  • 24/7/365 fleet fueling
  • #1 fuel provider to the hydraulic fracturing and drilling industry in the Permian Basin
  • Proven track record for delivering fuel to West Texas and New Mexico clients and remote locations
  • Manticore’s outstanding fuel logistic program and strategic service locations allow us to provide reliable and timely turn-key solutions to our customers
  • Our partnership is based on shared belief and commitment to the safety of our employees, customers and supporting the local economy
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