Knowledge is power.

CORE’s patented AI technology and machine learning software gives you access to all the information you need maximize your fueling operations. Our proprietary software:

  • Captures real-time fuel consumption data and substitution rates
  • Analyzes tank fuel levels and flow rate modulation by fleet, asset and stage
  • Delivers the industry’s most accurate operational data directly to your laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Allows for immediate and accurate automated reporting on all fuel sources, replacing manual and error-prone processes
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Streamline your processes, increase your profit

CORE’s predictive data analytics allow you to:

  • Reduce equipment maintenance and OPEX
  • Simplify tax reporting and fuel compliance with automated invoicing and billing solutions
  • Minimize the number of employees onsite through remote monitoring tools

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Learn how CORE’s patented AI technology and machine learning software can help you meet your fueling operations’ most complex challenges the best way we know how: with data.

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