Keep the pipelines running—and your customers happy.

Customers only seem to recognize the value of their energy sources when they are suddenly without the power they need. And then they get mad.

Outages are bound to happen, but CORE’s CNG virtual pipeline helps you reduce the amount of time your customers are without power. Injecting compressed natural gas into the pipeline helps maintain natural gas flow and gets your customers up and running.

In addition to our environmentally friendly CNG solutions, CORE’s mobile energy distribution services enable us to deliver a steady flow of natural gas to customers during planned outages—and to quickly remedy problems, regardless of where they fall along the pipeline.

CORE’s CNG Virtual Pipeline provides turnkey solutions, that are independent of existing infrastructure, during:

  • New Pipeline Construction
  • Initial Pipeline Startup
  • Natural Disaster Redundancy
  • Hydrostatic Testing and Maintenance
  • Emergency Access and Situations

Contact us to find out more about how CORE’s CNG virtual pipeline can keep your pipelines up and running.